IProcrastinate is a IOS MacBook application made for MacBook’s and MacBook’s only, it is perfect for overwhelmed students and helps them remain organized with assignments, homework and due dates. IProcrastinate helps sort assignments and items in the order that they need to be done in. Basically this application helps you sort what needs to be done first and when, by using a color coordinate system and it also sorts by due dates a student can use this app everyday on their IOS system.Screen Shot 2016-03-11 at 12.46.34 AM

The app has two main views on the screen, one is a list of activities that need to be done and the other a calendar, which would be a perfect visual when deciding which items need to be completed first. The app has a user friendly interface but does take sometime to figure out how to work it, IProcrastinate  has a very appealing interface and another massive bonus to using this app is that it syncs with drop box, meaning you can view it on your mobile device via screen grabbing which is perfect for on the go situations. The app is easily downloadable and available on multiple internet platforms as well, another big pro to this app is that it does sync with IPhone wirelessly, which a massive plus for the IPhone and Mac users. This app is one of many from Craig Otis who is the credited developer of, and his idea has helped make the life of students all over many countries a lot more organized and a lot less stressful!



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